Tia Dorraine

I was fortunate enough to collaborate with the wonder Designer Tia Dorraine who dressed me for London fashion week SS20!

I was sent a Gorgeous black two piece from her collection and Now she has a brand new collection That has also launched.

A little bit of information about the company:

London based fashion label Tia Dorraine creates limited edition elegant office-to-weekend wear with an avant-garde twist, and with modern women in mind. Our exciting 'LOOK BUILDER' concept enables you to choose from a range of versatile pieces across entire collections to create a custom co-ordinated look that unleashes the power of your creativity. Minimimum effort, maximum effect.

Tia says:

“I created this brand for women like me who struggle to find the perfect outfits which align with their personal style. I wanted to give them the freedom to customise and expand the full potential of each piece in a way, unique to themselves. With my revolutionary 'LOOK BUILDER' feature, women are free to let their imaginations run wild and create outfits that express their uniqueness."

Tia was wonderful in helping me choose the perfect look considering I am top heavy and don’t like to have too much leg on show, we picked the perfect combination!

Tia also has a wonderful option that I haven’t seen on many clothing websites, where you can put together different looks all in one place called a “Look Builder”

Here is my Look from London Fashion Week -

There is now a new collection, so here is a sneak Peak of the new items:

For All items click here to see her website!

Written by Phoebe Lourdes


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