Sundose Supplement 🌞

"Don't adjust yourself to your supplements. Adjust your supplement to you!"

Good Afternoon Everyone! The sun is shining bright and I am here to talk to you about something super relevant.

How many of you feel tired?

Low energy?


Demotivated ?

Well, whether you answered yes to one or more or all of those questions, you will want to consider looking into Sundose!!

I came across this brand when I was away in Malta and I instantly thought.... hmm, tablets...? from a company I don’t know much about, I’m not too sure about this.

I have to be honest as that was my initial reaction.

However, the more I read about it and the more information I was exposed to I began to realise it’s not just any little company selling random different types of tablets.

But in order to actually get to the stage of ordering something you must go through a very thorough questionnaire answering all types of questions about your health!

I actually really enjoyed doing the questionnaire because it made you think about certain things to do with your health and insides that you maybe wouldn’t think about on a daily basis.

My personal Supplements:

I was super excited to receive my supplements and I was gifted a 30 day programme to try out.

It explained how the supplements must be kept in the fridge and what I loved is that it had my own personal name on every single sticker to show it was mine and that nobody else would be authorised to use it for health regulations.

Sundose, tells you to take the tablets first and then dissolve the powdered supplement in water and drink it!

I have to admit, there were some days I had forgotten! And I don’t always like taking too many tablets but I handled it well And got through them!

My Honest Opinion..

My energy levels have definitely shot up! I feel very happy and motivated which I was struggling with before. I am in a good place and have sorted many things out and I am super happy that I trialled this because I wouldn’t usually go for these types of products and I am so glad I did because it has had such a positive impact!

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Written By Phoebe Lourdes


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