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Updated: Jan 29

Last Wednesday, I had the Privilege of being invited to this Gorgeous Hidden Gem of a Bar/Restaurant, tucked away just behind Chancery Lane.

It had been a struggle organising a time to actually be able to come and try them out! And boy they did not disappoint!

It felt like we were suddenly in a completely different country, in our own little Private Land.

We arrived to a beautiful table all set, waiting for us and we were served for the night by the lovely Sebastian who was such a wonderful host and so accommodating, we truly felt spoiled!

We kicked it off by getting some cocktails, I of course went for the Pink Gin with rose petals and then my mum ended up copying me and doing the same. It came with actual rose petals and tasted as delicious as it looked:

We then had to make the big decision of what to eat! and when I say big decision, it really is a mission, because I am super indecisive and my Mother doesn't make that any easier too!

Once we had decided on food, Sebastian took us for a private tour of the rest of the Venue which included a whole extra section downstairs with a second bar, more seating and a dance floor which gets super packed on Friday’s with great music too!

It is available for Private hire on Weekends.

Beautiful Photo opportunity time:

Food wise, we ended up going for completely different dishes; I went for the “Lobster, Crab and Prawn Brioche Roll which included Lettuce, Garlic & Smoked Paprika Mayo“ which was everything I could have possibly asked for in a Lobster Burger.

My Mum however, went more traditional and British, so went for the “Yorkshire Mutton Shepherds Pie with Braised Red Cabbage and Minted Gravy“, which of course I tried and it was insane! It came with actual chunks of meat rather than tiny portions of Mince, super generous!

We then also got a Portion of Halloumi fries to share as I didn’t realise my burger already came with fries! which came with a Rocket & Spinach Salad, again! Very generous with portions:

As if we weren't already stuffed!!

Sebastian then suggested we try their Beetroot Chocolate Brownie which was just the cherry on top to complete this amazing experience and food:

By this point, we were the last people here, so it actually felt like a complete Private Dining experience.
We chose a weekday to be less busy and we ended up coming at the perfect time!
We completely had to give our compliments to the chef as it was just the one chef down there cooking and he was very talented!

P.S whenever I go to Bars and Restaurants it is always a must to go and check out and take a photo in the toilets and wow the way they decorated the toilets were so beautiful:

Overall, everything from the Interior, to the Staff, to the music, the actual food, to the atmosphere it was the perfect place for a date night, weekend motive out, or even for just a casual meal.

It has such a variety and a wonderful and carefully picked out menu to cater to everyones preferences.

We will definitely be back and I will be bringing as many people as I can to come and check out this gorgeous little find!

Thank you so much to everyone at the Shutters Team and especially to our Host Sebastian who was so welcoming and accommodating throughout!

Check them out on Instagram at @shutterschancery and their Opening Hours are listed below:

Written By Phoebe Lourdes


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