Holland & Barrett Event x The Influencers Diary

So, I was kindly invited by the Influencers Diary to an amazing event which was the annual Holland and Barrett Showcase.

The Influencer's Diary is an awesome app that I recently came across where you can apply to attend influencer events which was set up by Yummy Mummy Rosalind, you can find them on Instagram at @theinfluencersdiary and their website is:


I decided to take my Mum as my Plus 1 and boy did we have fun!

We arrived to personalised Cocktails and were able to go around to each stall and get information about each product and take products which we thought we'd use which was pretty awesome!

I ended up getting the details from company "Beauty Kitchen" who then sent me personalised products our catered to my skin and what sort of thing I was looking for!

I will be doing a post on this, in more detail but take a look at a few pictures from the event below:

Written by Phoebe Lourdes


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