Havryk Design x Phoebe Lourdes

Hello Everyone!

So, it being me I am always super busy which makes me very happy and on track. I have been working on some very exciting things including running my own business.

I have been meaning to put together Business cards for a while for when I go to events and want to network and give designers or companies my details to stay in contact.

I came across a wonderful lady called Inna who own the company "Havryk Design" and I instantly really liked her work, so I ended up organising a collaboration and she has now ended up designing my official business cards, front and back and a new logo which I have already inputted onto my website as you can see below:

This is also the official Front and Back of my newly designed Business Card, it was so easy to get this design, we played around with the background colour as I wanted it to match my YouTube Art, we changed the logo and positioning twice before coming up with a final design, all within a few ideas! such a fast and fantastic service:

These were some of the other designs that Inna created for me at the start and they were all so Gorgeous I had no Idea which one to pick!

How Beautiful are these Designs! This Lady is so Talented.

You can check out this wonderful ladies work on Instagram at @havrykdesign

Written By Phoebe Lourdes


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