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Updated: Nov 30, 2020

I had the most wonderful opportunity of joining an Instagram Group which was originally formed by a Facebook Group called “Bossy” which is a collective of females all over the UK! Encouraging creativity and working together to create something beautiful!

Through this I met the wonderful Meg!

Here is what meg wrote on her own blog:

“Through this group I’ve met a load of incredible female artists. One of whom is the gorgeous actress and model Phoebe Lourdes. Phoebe approached me on Instagram and asked me if there was a way in which we could work together. I was so thrilled about this because I have been wanting to launch Fashion themed stickers for a while and her photos provided the perfect inspiration for me to create some awesome new sticker designs.”

Instantly after seeing her designs I fell in love and we saw an opportunity to work together.

It was interesting as Meg wanted to do something fashion related for a while... and that’s when I came in! Luckily she loved my photos and outfits and wanted to focus on designing some stickers based on my looks! Of course, I loved this and that’s when we narrowed it down to a few outfit choices that we agreed on together and I’m so excited to show you all!

The stickers are to represent a different demographic of women, but all have been inspired directly from my own photographs.

I cannot wait to receive them in the post!

I know Meg has some more collaborations coming up soon too! So am excited to see More of her beautiful designs.

Check her out at @goodlookingjournal

Written By Phoebe Lourdes


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